Wyoming, WY

Wyoming is the 10th most extensive and the least populated state in the United States.  Most of the state is elevated prairie land and cattle ranching has long been the primary occupation and economic product of Wyoming with mining becoming prominent only in the last stages of the 19th century.  Wyoming is home to many species of North American wildlife including the grizzly bear, bison, pronghorn, and gray wolf.

Most widely known for its large park areas, notably Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming derives most of its economic productivity from tourism, mining, and agriculture.  Significant mineral and energy products include coal, natural gas, and crude oil.  Rugby and Rodeo are among the among the most popular sports in Wyoming; including the Cheyenne Frontier Days event which is the largest outdoor rodeo in the United States.

Most of Wyoming’s population widely dispersed across the state with the only significant population centers located around Casper and Cheyenne.


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